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Title: The Forest Bull
Author: Terry Maggert
Genre: Urban Fantasy/Thriller
Release: August 2013

Three lovers who stalk and kill the immortals that drift through South Florida (tourists are a moveable feast, after all) are living a simple life of leisure- until one of them is nearly killed by woman who is a new kind of lethal.
 When Ring Hardigan isn’t making sandwiches for, and with, his two partners, Waleska and Risa (they’re cool like that), he’s got a busy schedule doing the dirty work of sending immortals to the ever after. Wally and Risa provide linguistics, logistics, and finding the right place for him and his knife- together, they’re a well-oiled machine, and they’ve settled into a rhythm that bodes ill for the Undying. Warlocks, vampires, succubae and the odd ghoul have all fallen to their teamwork. Life is tough, but they soldier on killing the undead, liberating their worldly goods for charity, and generally achieving very little.
                -Until Ring wakes up after nearly dying at the hands of a woman who may or may not be the daughter of Satan. Ring’s a tough character, for a boat bum (killing immortals sort of rubs off on you that way), but twelve days of comatose healing are enough to bring out the ugly side of his temper. When a letter arrives asking for their help finding a large collection of stolen heirloom jewelry, they form an uneasy friendship with the last Baron of a family hiding in a primal European forest.
 Cazimir, the Baron, has two skills: Jeweler and preserver of the last herd of forest bulls. It’s an odd occupation, but then, Ring, Risa and Wally aren’t your everyday career folks, and Cazimir’s lodge might be sitting on something that looks a lot like hell, which, according to a 2400 year old succubus hooker named Delphine, is currently on the market to the strongest immortal. The Baron’s impassioned plea to find the jewelry comes with some conditions- he doesn’t want the collection back as much as he does the thief, Elizabeth, who happens to be his daughter- and the woman who nearly sent Ring to his grave.
                In a tapestry of lies, it’s up to Ring, Wally and Risa to find out what is evil, who is human, and exactly who really wants to reign over hell.

Born in 1968, I discovered fishing shortly after walking, a boon considering I lived in South Florida. After a brief move to Kentucky, my family trekked back to South Florida, and it was at this time that I made the first of my Big Career Changes, breaking from my daily fishing habit to play the saxophone in middle school. I took this leap of faith under advisement from my Consigliore/ Grandfather, who assured me that this was the way to impress girls.
      In a rare occurrence, he was wrong. This isn’t surprising considering he had been a Big Band leader in the 1930s, which, I have since learned, was a certainty for impressing girls. Middle School saxophone played by a cherubic pre-teen? Not so much.
       I had the good fortune to attend high school in idyllic Upstate New York, where I learned the meaning of winter-- and how to seize the whole of summer.
      After two or three failed attempts at college, I bought a pub. That was fun, because I love beer. However, I eventually met someone smarter than me (a common event), but in this case, she married me and convinced me to go back to school - which I did, with great enthusiasm. I earned a Master’s Degree in History and rediscovered my love for writing. I had written for most of my life, but it was only fatherhood and a herd of dogs/cats/etc. that gave me the time management skills necessary to finish a novel, and actually see several more in my future.
      I live near Nashville, Tennessee with the aforementioned wife, son, and herd, and when I’m not writing, I teach history, grow wildly enthusiastic tomato plants, and restore my 1967 Mustang.

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                Poseurs. I should be in surgery; not standing here smiling like a simpleton among these people, thought Arnaud, although he was far too meek to say so out loud. His dumpy shape and thinning hair made him stand out in the midst of the beautiful, wealthy crowd around him. At the nexus of the room stood an auctioneer, his hair as slick as his delivery, droning in a playful British intonation under the enormous white tent. Thin, tanned arms glittering with gold rose to bid on more jewels all in the name of charity. It was a farce and Arnaud would not have attended were it not for the fact that these people funded his work at the hospital in West Palm Beach. His penance for offering his surgical skills to fix the broken bodies of women and children marred by abuse was to stand here, pretending as if he could afford the jewelry being offered. It was a display that was anathema to his personal morality, but he endured it in quiet misery.
                He took a polite sip from his champagne flute and tried to focus on the object being held up by an auctioneer. The screen behind the podium displayed a ring of unusual beauty, setting the tent abuzz.
                “Magnifique’” Said a soft voice at his ear. He turned, smiling to hear his mother tongue. He smiled wider when he saw the speaker.
                She was young, perhaps in her late teens, willowy and Gallic in every way. Her close cut hair and eyes were black, her skin pale, and her countenance silky, a touch disdainful. Her eyes were even with his but he felt small next to her grace. Arnaud was instantly enchanted.
                She pointed with her chin at the auctioneer. “Bid for me, please? I will pay as high as twenty thousand American dollars. I am a bit shy for this room” she concluded, with a glance from under her lashes. His arm rose, unbidden, to enter the fray of the auction. When her breath caught at his clear tone as he shouted above the others, he made his decision.
                The girl will have the ring no matter what price, he thought, and maybe this time, I will get the girl.
                “Look at the light in it. Like falling stars. So perfect.” Sandrine rested her hand on Arnaud’s thigh, his pulse racing higher with each miniscule motion. They sat shoulder to shoulder in the sand, the sun long since set. The crowd had dispersed in their fleet of cars, their collective social duty complete and their egos sufficiently caressed by the charity staff that had grown tired of pandering. It was quiet save the waves. She laid her arm over his shoulder and leaned to him, her lips curled in a smile. Arnaud sighed in pure submission. This is real. Not like emailing the prostitute from the advertisement and answering her questions, exposing my loneliness to a whore who would not even send me her picture until she could investigate me. I will never feel that shame again.
                “How many surgeries will your hands do this year” she asked, close enough to kiss him. “They are so beautiful. Like an artist’s.”
                “I hope to…well, I shall, as many as I can afford, we can afford, rather, so, three hundred, but more if I can. There are always so many, from so far away. There is so much violence, and I only have so much time” his voice fluttered away into her mouth, which met his softly.
                She pulled back, the kiss still hot on his face. Her arm wrapped around his neck, hugging him with a possession he had yearned for. Her grip began to tighten. How can she be so strong? He mused, as spots flooded his vision, floating red starbursts of pain. Sparks. Shadows. A red curtain, descending.
“You are quite right. Our time here is rarely as long as we wish.” Laying his inert form on the soft sand, she began to drag him, his body leaving a furrow in the shells.
Arnaud awoke to the first steely gray hints of dawn. I am nude. And I am buried? In sand? He was still at the beach, but under a copse of trees. Above him waved palmetto fronds, a sea grape, and an oak. He felt air on his stomach and his face was clear, but he was held tight by the sand. Wriggling, he strained and groaned at the pain in his neck. A deep bruise from being choked. It was a miracle his hyoid bone had not broken. He sensed she was near, and then she spoke. He felt his first genuine whisper of terror, like a spigot being turned on slowly.
“I did not intend to kill you, of course. That would be wasteful, not to mention rude. I do love the ring so, and my mother taught me that I should reward the men who are kind to me” Sandrine said as she appeared above him, unbuttoning her blouse. She was very thin. Her skirt and shoes were gone. She straddled him, nude, her hands braced on either side of his head. Her pelvic bones pressed into his abdomen like spikes. Naked, he realized how angular her frame truly was. Sweat beaded her brow and lip. She was straining, but at what Arnaud could not guess.  She gave him a cursory smile as she leaned to kiss him.
“I would like to give you a gift in return. It is only proper, since you would be most generous to my children. In fact, they could thank you for every meal” she murmured, raising her torso high above his exposed midsection. A clicking noise emanated from where her sex should have been, as a bone white appendage extended from her dark junction. It glistened malevolently in the growing light. She pressed in to kiss him, a fleshy dart under her tongue flicking forth and piercing his soft palate. Bitter venom flooded his mouth as he began to numb instantly. Arnaud felt himself deaden as the lassitude from her poison worked through his body.
I cannot move. Dear God I can feel but I cannot move. She is like a parasitic wasp. I am her children’s food. The scientist in him was dispassionate, even removed from her real nature, but observant of how she would bring death. The man in him screamed wordlessly in a helpless, piteous roar.
He felt the shock of her ovipositor puncturing his navel, but no pain. It pulsed once, and again, and then a last time, the sterile eggs spearing into his thoracic cavern to be enclosed in warmth, safety, and blood. They would yield no live births, but certain death for Arnaud. She withdrew from him, spent, her skin flushed with the effort of insertion. Arnaud could not even scream as she stood, brushing sand from her legs and hands as she reached for her clothes, hanging on a low oak limb. The sun began to warm his face and he became aware of an itching from within as his body went to war against the hostile invaders who would survive only long enough to kill, the egg cases rotting within him as he decayed under the sands of a picturesque beach.
Her heels now on, Sandrine kicked sand over Arnaud’s  stomach and face, thinking  to keep him  hidden until he had been consumed.
As I was taught. A good mother leaves nothing to chance.

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The Slye Temp Series

A blown CIA operation in the UK destroyed an elite mercenary black ops unit two years ago. Surviving members disappeared to heal their wounds, and have now resurfaced as part of Slye Temp, an agency contracting security work with corporate America. 
At least, that’s what goes on above ground...
The latest from New York Times bestseller Dianna Love, the Slye Temp series is sexy, fast-paced romantic suspense.

The Stories In Reading Order:
Book 1
LAST CHANCE TO RUN—Zane & Angel’s explosive romantic adventure:  To an undercover agent, she’s a person of interest.  He’s interested.
Book 2
NOWHERE SAFE—Josh & Trish’s rollercoaster ride to love and redemption:  He has nothing to lose until she gives him a reason to live.
Book 3
HONEYMOON TO DIE FOR—Ryder & Bianca’s dangerous secret vows:  She’s convinced he’s guilty. He knows he’s not. Can they survive long enough to prove who’s right?
Book 4
KISS THE ENEMY—Logan & Margaux’s deadly renegade mission:  Her only hope is in the hands of her enemy.

Book 5 (April 2014)
DECEPTIVE TREASURES—Tanner & Jin’s international affair:  Allowing her to live turns into a dangerous mistake, but he’ll risk all to keep her safe or die trying.

Full blurb for DECEPTIVE TREASURES (April 2014):
Allowing her to live turns into a dangerous mistake, but he’ll risk all to keep her safe or die trying. 

Slye Temp agent Tanner Bodine’s decision to save an unexpected female defector on a black ops mission blows up in his face, putting his country and his family at risk.  Brilliant physicist Soo Jin is willing to risk everything to save her sister from the deadly Orion Hunters, but a sexy cowboy gets in her way.  Tanner must let go of his past and Jin must face her darkest fear in a race to prevent chemical warfare unleashed that will bring America to its knees.  

But their greatest challenge lies in the choice of who to save when emotions blur the lines between duty and love.

Praise for Slye Temp and Dianna Love
“The Slye Temp series is always packed with physical risks and steamy passion… a series I never want to end.”


“It seems with each book, this series gets better…(Love) has an uncanny ability of always creating wonderful characters that you care about… This (Honeymoon To Die For) was such a beautiful romance, one of the best I have read this year.”

“Love combines powerful suspense with heart-twisting romantic conflict for an emotional kick I can't get anywhere else.”

~~Katy A, Amazon reviews

“Be sure to take a deep breath before you dive into a Slye Temp novel - prepare for shocks, thrills and above all a fantastic read you won't want to ever end.”

~~Sara Reyes, Fresh Fiction

"Dianna Love just keeps getting better. No other romantic suspense author gives this combination of intense romance in a big story."

~~Cerise, Amazon reviews 


New York Times bestseller Dianna Love once dangled over a hundred feet in the air to create unusual marketing projects for Fortune 500 companies. She now writes high-octane romantic suspense, thrillers and urban fantasy. Her new Slye Temp romantic suspense series launched its first four books in 2013 to rave reviews and more will follow in 2014. Her books are available in print and ebook.  On the rare days she’s not in her writing cave, Dianna enjoys touring the country on her BMW motorcycle. She lives in the Atlanta, GA area with her motorcycle-instructor husband and a tank full of unruly saltwater critters. Read excerpts of her books at or join her Dianna Love Street Team on Facebook and get in on the fun!


Follow her on Twitter at --

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::: Dragonfly Series :::
Dragonfly #1
::: Buy Links:::
Anna Sanders expected an anonymous (and uneventful) senior year until she crossed paths with rich-and-sexy Jack Kyser and his twin sister Lucy.

Pulling Anna into their extravagant lifestyle on the Gulf Coast, Lucy pushed her outside her comfort zone and Jack showed her feelings she's never experienced... Until he mysteriously withdrew.

Anna turned to her internship at the city paper and to her old attraction for Julian, a handsome local artist and rising star, for distraction. But both led to her discovery of a decades-old secret closely guarded by the twins' distant, single father.

It's a secret that could cost her the boy she loves and permanently change all their lives.
Undertow #2
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-Bill Kyser has a plan to take the sandy farms of his hometown and turn them into a world-class tourist destination--and become a billionaire in the process.
-Alexandra "Lexy" LaSalle has a plan to change her life by becoming a world-famous artist.
-Meg Weaver has a plan to hold onto Bill no matter what she has to do.

Three friends, three dreams. One fatal decision will change all their lives forever.
In Dragonfly, Bill Kyser gave Anna the three journals that held the story behind the powerful developer's seclusion and the damaged lives of his family members.

Anna hopes to find a way for Julian to know the truth, but as she digs deeper into the tragic events of the past, she realizes silence could be the only option.

Now she's in an alliance with the man she formerly feared. And if Julian finds out what she knows, she could lose for good the boy she's starting to love

Watercolor #3
::: Buy Links:::
Finishing senior year is supposed to be the best time in a person’s life.
Finishing senior year as Julian’s girlfriend should’ve been the icing on the cake.
Knowing the secret that could change everything for him is the only thing threatening to spoil it all.
Until Jack returns.
Anna and Julian are together at last, and it’s as hot and happy as they knew it would be. The only problem is The Secret.

And Jack.

But while Anna is determined to fight for the guy she loves, she could still lose Julian when he discovers the truth she’s been helping to hide.

Mosiac #4 (Coming in June 2014)
::: Another Great Series by this Author :::
The Truth Series
The Truth About Faking #1
::: Buy Links :::
Jason just wants a date with Harley.
Harley just wants a date with Trent.
Trent's still getting over Stephanie.

When Harley and Jason decide to fake date, they uncover a school of deceptions. Trent's got a secret, but so does Jason. And the more time Harley spends secretly kissing her fake boyfriend, the further she gets from her dreams with Trent.

Worst of all, Harley's mom is getting cozy with her hot massage therapy student, and even Harley's Reverend Dad can't fake not being bothered by it. But when the masks finally come off, can everyone handle the real truth?
The Truth About Letting Go #2
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TOP 5 FINALIST, 2013 "Best Indie Book" awards, The Kindle Book Review

Ashley Lockett has always followed the rules. She's always done the right thing and played it safe until her ideal life is shattered when her dad dies suddenly.

Fueled by anger and grief, she vows to do everything opposite of how she lived before. Then she meets Jordan. He has big dreams, he's had a crush on Ashley for years, and he's a great kisser. But he's also safe.

Enter Colt. He is not safe, and he's more than willing to help Ashley fulfill her vow.
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Title: Phenomenal X
Release Date: April 22nd
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance
Book #1 in the Hard Knocks Series
**{{{{ IT'S LIVE }}}}**
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Good Girl. Notorious Bad-Boy. One Phenomenal Love.

From the mean streets of Detroit rises the newest superstar of professional wrestling, Xavier Cold, better known as Phenomenal X. His muscular physique makes men cower before him and woman lose their minds with desire.

Anna Cortez is fresh out of college and naive to the harsh realities of the real world. Tired of living under the thumb of her conservative family, she defies them when she accepts a job as the assistant to wrestling’s most notorious bad-boy.

Phenomenal X has an animalistic nature that even good girl Anna finds hard to resist. One night forced to share a bed in a sold-out hotel, lines blur between them and they quickly learn that one lustful night changes everything and neither one of them will ever be the same.
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Title: Bitter Angel
Author: Megan Hand
Expected release date: April 1, 2013
Genre:  Thriller
Age Group: New Adult

Book Description:
Torn between two realities.
A choice that will mean life or death.
She won’t know anything… until she wakes up.

College sophomore, Lila Spencer lived Friday night twice. She doesn’t know how or why, just that she did. As if she split in half and went in two different directions.

Out clubbing with her friends, Heather and Nilah, the girls rock it out and party hard. What begins as an innocent night will lead to a deadly fight for their lives, and Lila might be their only chance for survival.

In bed with her boyfriend, Jay, Lila is safe and warm as she drifts to sleep in the arms of the man she loves. Until she is sucked into a horrifying nightmare of her friends’ deaths.

As the sunlight warms her face on Saturday morning, the two scenarios collide. But there can be only one outcome. Will she wake up in her warm bed with Jay by her side, devastated and grieving for her friends? Or was she there to save them?

The answer is just the beginning.

At twelve, Megan decided to write a novel. A month later, she quit. A reading junkie by nature, she started writing again in her twenties as a way to get the voices out, because who wouldn't want to create a Real Living Person out of thin air? Megan also plays the piano and sings. She teaches little kids and takes pictures of pretty butterflies. She eats way too much chocolate, is sort of a mad scientist with her blender, and spends an unhealthy amount of time LOLing on Facebook and Twitter. She lives in Ohio with her husband and very smiley son. Bitter Angel is her first published novel.


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Title: Tag...You're IT
Release Date: February 10th, 2014
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After a horrible accident claimed the life of her best friend, seventeen year old Honor Prescott claims she can hear, see and touch dead people. To escape the ridicule, Honor's parents move her clear across the country to Harmony, Kentucky for a fresh start.

Honor’s dead best friend, Hillary Cooper, is desperate to help her friend and reveals the greatest secret a high schooler could know. The IT list, a national secret society that gives you instant popularity and Hillary has just put Honor’s name on the top of that list and everything is about to change.

The most popular guy in school, gorgeous, smart Chad Bowman suddenly only has eyes for Honor, knocking uber-popular Minnie Thompson off the top of the IT list.

Honor is drawn deeper into the popular world while trying to keep the other ghosts at bay, unearthing Harmony’s scandalous secrets that were meant to stay buried.

Only in the middle of her every wish come true, Honor finds out that being popular isn't all it's cracked up to be and can sometimes be murderous.

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Latest Book Released
Title: Forbidden Fruit
Release Date: March 10th, 2014

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Synopsis from Authors:
A collection of erotic forbidden romance novellas from some of today's best-selling authors. Release date: March 2014

Educate Me by Lexi Buchanan
Bianca is a new, 24 year old teacher at the local high school who can't stop thinking about one of her pupils, 18 year old Mason. Bianca soon discovers that Mason wants his hands on her just as badly. How can they have a relationship when everything is against them?

Weakness by Missy Johnson
After too much sex, drinking and partying, almost eighteen year old Maya finds herself doing a six month stint in a juvenile detention centre. When she catches the eye of sexy, thirty something prison guard Max, she realises she can have more than a little fun while on the inside. Especially when she learns that pretty young redheads are his weakness...

Secret Obsession by Olivia Linden
When two lost souls find each other, nothing can be sweeter. Or, more forbidden. Finn Walters does his best to ignore his attraction to Sylvia Davis. She's tempting, but off limits. The problem is that she wants him too, and when she makes the first move, nothing can stop him from taking what he wants. Lines get crossed, blurred and scratched down his back when they both give into their mutual desires. How far will they go to indulge their Secret Obsession?

Lock & Key by R.S. Grey
Journalist Kate Winters is on assignment in Kosovo when she’s captured by rebel forces. She’ll be tortured and beaten until they’re done questioning her… but she soon learns that it’s not the low-ranking guards she should fear. They’re nothing compared to their leader—dangerous, sinfully sexy, Adam, whose main purpose is to extract information from her by any means possible.

One Hot Summer by Lisa M Harley
AnaBelle Mason knew when she married an older man he might die before she did, she just didn't realize it would happen so soon. Less than five years after her fairy tale wedding to the man of her dreams, she was left all alone to run the ranch that had been in her late husbands family for years.

Tray Thompson lives the life of a carefree college student. He spends his day coasting through classes, and his nights working his way through the female population of Walker University.

When Tray's best friend Jason asks him to help him work at his family farm for the summer, Tray doesn't want to go, but he owes Jason so much. He reluctantly agrees to help his best friend out.

What will happen when a lonely widow woman, bound and determined to make it on her own meets her stepsons best friend and sparks fly?

Will she be able to tame the young mans playboy ways or will he help her remember she lost her husband, not her life?

The Naughty Au Pair by Janice Baker
Angelina left her small town in France to become Senator Lauren Winchester’s Au Pair. She never expected to fall in love and have an affair with the Senator’s husband, Gordon. Angelina expected Gordon to keep his promise to leave his wife for her. When Gordon fails to finally tell his wife, Angelina decides to have a night to herself. A tryst to rid herself of Gordon’s hold on her. But that hot fling happened to be with Conner, the Senator’s older son from a previous marriage. When Angelina and Conner realize their true identities, Conner must have her. But is Angelina willing to give up her feelings for Conner’s step dad? Or will she wait for Gordon to finally make up his mind and sweep her off her feet?

Strictly Off Limits by Jessica Hawkins
Alexandra James gave up her spring break for an offer she couldn’t refuse: a week-long job that would earn her enough money to buy her way out of a broken heart. But if she thought her new boss would let her off easy because he’s her father’s best friend, she couldn’t have been more wrong. Dean Brittany demands perfection from his employees—but none more so than his new temp, since correcting her mistakes seems to fuel his unexpected attraction to her. Unfortunately for him, eighteen-year-old Alexandra is strictly off limits.

Try Me by Stacey Lynn
When Marcus Whitmore finally realizes he isn’t going to get the only girl he’s ever loved and his family isn’t going to be together, he decides it is time to move on. After all, the best way to get over a woman - is to get another woman under you. Which is exactly what he does, thinking that a night of passion will ease Emma from his mind. What Marcus doesn’t plan on is waking up to an empty bed and the memory of a woman he can’t forget.
Weeks later, when Marcus runs into Tabby again, he is determined to have her back in his bed. The problem? Tabby is his son’s teacher. And if anyone finds out that Tabby is involved with Logan’s dad, she could lose her job.
Is Marcus worth the risk? Are the best things in life really worth fighting for?

Inadmissible Attraction by Rebecca Brooke
Nineteen year old Nora Willson has spent the last five years refereeing for her parents, while trying to hide the deplorable state of their marriage from her younger siblings. When she goes to their custody hearing to offer moral support, she never expects her father’s attorney to notice her in more ways than one. Will that one moment make Nora see what she’s been missing, or will fear cause her to step away from the gorgeous Mr. Garnes.

In Too Deep by Morgan Jane Mitchell
25-year-old Loraine Wynters has always been in control. She takes what she wants, from a new man every night -and leaves. Too bad this has cost her her last job and landed her in the local sex addict’s support group where she is certain she doesn't belong. Within this group of weirdos, she sees a familiar face.
Richard Mahoney may be the gorgeous 30-year-old, successful owner of Table 21, but he has lost more than Loraine could ever imagine because of his obsession. After learning all her secrets, Loraine’s new boss Rick is determined to fix her with his own brand of therapy. After digging deeper, Loraine finds that her boss needs more than just physical healing.
Can they repair each other so they can be with other people?
With both Loraine and Rick longing for a normal life, will a pact between them be the answer to both their problems? Or are they getting in too deep?
~~~ The Destined Series ~~~
Destined to Change #1 (Available NOW)
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Real Men Wear Pink #1.5 (Available NOW)
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Destined to Succeed #2 (Available NOW)
::: Buy Links:::
Destined to Forgive #3 (Coming Fall 2014)
Destined to Rock #4
Destined to Over Come #5
::: Connect with the Author :::